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SPIEGEL MEDIA is the global sales network of SPIEGEL-Group for integrated solutions across media channels and countries.

SPIEGEL MEDIA, the SPIEGEL-Group's marketing unit, is a premium marketer on the advertising market with its high-quality portfolio of online, print, audio and mobile publications.

The journalistic quality of these publications always constitutes the brand core for all the media marketed by SPIEGEL MEDIA. This journalistically-driven quality standard assures our media of consistent loyalty from their users and is therefore the key to our partners' long-term success.

The trust shown in our media by their readers and the knowledge that those media are journalistically unparalleled ensure that they have exclusive access to a unique target group. The media in the SPIEGEL-Group are of the utmost relevance for their users and are therefore indispensable for reaching the most prestigious target groups.

The intensive and concentrated way in which our users consume their media demonstrably leads to unusually high advertising recall.

In this way, SPIEGEL MEDIA offers the advertising market an unparalleled high-quality portfolio featuring sophisticated, target-group-oriented environments. The primary benefits of this for advertising clients are the direct appeal they can make to lucrative target groups, the above-average advertising impact and the positive image transfer to their own brands.

The focal point of SPIEGEL MEDIA's activities is the vertical marketing of the individual publications in online and printed form. This means that every advertising client in the portfolio is offered as an autonomous product on the market.

At the same time, SPIEGEL MEDIA offers theme-related, non-publication-specific and cross-media communication solutions.

Our strengths in a nutshell


With its partner pool, SPIEGEL MEDIA offers the advertising market first-class editorial quality environments. Advertising clients therefore benefit not only from the direct approach they can make to lucrative target groups, but also from the positive image transfer onto their own brand. Editorial quality always constitutes the brand core of all the media marketed by SPIEGEL MEDIA. These journalistically-driven quality standards secure for our media the consistent loyalty of their users and are therefore the key to our partners' long-term success.


With its wide array of innovative forms of advertising in print, online, mobileand web TV media, SPIEGEL MEDIA offers ideal possibilities and preconditions for realising different advertising goals and messages in an attention-grabbing way.


All SPIEGEL MEDIA publications deliver IVW-audited performance values, and therefore transparency from the first placement unit to the last. As well as the survey standards customary on the market (e.g. Media-Analyse, internet facts from AGOF, etc.), SPIEGEL MEDIA offers an extensive repertoire of state-of-the-art approaches to research which are adapted individually to our clients' needs. The primary focal point of our research activities is the practically-oriented analysis of the operational modes of communication campaigns.


With its clear pricing structure and discount system, SPIEGEL MEDIA offers simple handling as far as planning is concerned. Its extensive standardised reporting of online campaigns continues to simplify performance monitoring, a service which advertising clients can call up on a daily basis. Another online service is the campaign optimisation which is carried out regularly by the SPIEGEL MEDIA team. To provide support for campaign planning, SPIEGEL MEDIA offers all clients and agencies prepared data from its media counting service.


Convergent advertising concepts exploit the respective strengths of the media being used and offer you improved communication and response performance – in order to pick up the consumer exactly where he happens to be with his media utilisation behaviour. Thanks to its use of multi-channel communication solutions, SPIEGEL MEDIA offers multiplying effects in order to increase brand recognition, advertising recall.

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International Sales

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